Certification Process
Inquiry Application

1. Inquiry / Application

Upon receipt of an inquiry, either verbal or written, the certification administrator will send an application/questionnaire forms to the client.

Application Review and Contract

2. Application Review and Contract

Upon receipt of the signed application / questionnaire, GIC will review the documents and provide a proposal and agreement to the client.

Notification of Audit plan

3. Notification of Audit plan

After the audit certification agreement has been completed, GIC will notify the client of the detailed audit plan and the members of the audit team. At this time, audit plan is discussed between GIC and the client.

Pre-assessment [Option]

4. Pre-assessment [Option]

The purpose of the pre-audit is to give an opportunity to the client to improve their system prior to the actual audit. At the client's request, a pre-assessment will be conducted.

Stage 1 assessment

5. Stage 1 assessment

The Stage 1 audit is conducted to confirm conformity of the management system according to the applied standard and to prepare the Stage 2 audit. This audit includes a complete review of the management system documents and key items to ensure the client is prepared for the Stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 assessment

6. Stage 2 assessment

Stage 2 audit is conducted to confirm that the management system of the organization actually meets the all requirements of the appropriate standard. If the system meets the requirement of standard by objective evidence, it is recommended for certification.

Corrective action Of non-conformity

7. Corrective action Of non-conformity

If non-conformities are found during the initial Stage 1 audit, those non-conformities must be corrected prior to the Stage 2 audit. For non-conformities found during the Stage 2 audit, they must be corrected before a certificate will be issued.

Certification Review

8. Certification Review

GIC makes a decision in regard to the certification by means of a certification committee evaluation of the entire audit process.

Certificate Issue

9. Certificate Issue

Once certification/registration is decided, the certificate will be issued to the client.

Surveillance audit

10. Surveillance audit

A surveillance audit is conducted in order to verify whether the organization is following the stipulations set forth by the certification. Regular surveillance cycle cannot exceed one year.

Recertification audit

11. Recertification audit

A recertification audit is conducted for renewal of certification every 3 years. It is also conducted based on the same procedures outlined in the initial certification audit.



  • Expanding, reducing of certification

    Expanding of certification


    When the certified client considers expending their certification scope or adding their sites, the client is able to apply for expansion of the scope to the certification body and the certification body decides approval for the expansion after reviewing and conducting necessary certification activities.


    Reducing of certification


    In cases where the certified client is supposed to suspend their particular services or products stated on their certification scope, the client shall inform the cases to the certification body in a month and the certification body will decide approval after reviewing and conducting necessary certification activities.
    In case of reducing the scope of certification, modification of the relevant promotion materials should be carried out.




  • Suspending, withdrawing of certification

    In cases below, certification effectiveness could be suspended or withdrawn with correction of the certification and the certification body may make a decision to suspend or withdraw certification after reviewing the cases.
    While suspended or withdrawn, the certified client shall ensure suspension using the relevant promotional materials.





The certified client does not allow surveillance audits to be conducted at the required frequencies (Surveillance audits shall be conducted at least once a year. The date of the first surveillance audit following initial certification shall not be more than 12 months from last day of the stage 2 audit)
The client's certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of the management system.
Reliability of certification system is threatened by claims or public criticism due to actions by the certified client.
The certified client's management system does not follow up on changes in certification management system requirements.
From the confirmation audit, major nonconformity was persisting following the initial discovery during the on-site audit.
Even though the certified client is required corrections due to misuse of certification marks, the relevant facts are not corrected (corrective action shall not be performed later than a month after the deadline set by the certification body.)
Certification audit fee is overdue for more than 3 months.
The certified client does not adhere to the requirements of the certification contract.
The certified client's certification is used in excess of the certification scope.
Violation of contracts or agreements.




Even though the certification effectiveness is suspended, corrective action for the reason for suspension is overdue for more than 3 months.

The certified client officially returns their certification to the certification body.
The certified client suspends their services or production of products as stated in certification scope.
No longer to confirm the certified client due to the out of contract or bankruptcy.
The certified client does not take any action for a month after the client is required to return their certification to the certification body.
Even though the certified client's certification is suspended due to failure to conduct surveillance audits, the surveillance is not conducted in a month