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IJCA Article


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IJCA Article

Hello, this is GIC.

The article “Leveraging Quality Management Systems to Prevent Product Liabilities” written by Dr. Gong, president of GIC, was published in 'IJCA-The International Journal of Conformity Assessment'.

The International Journal of Conformity Assessment (IJCA) is an international, peer reviewed journal for conformity assessment academics and practitioners.

IJCA aims to contribute substantially to the fields of testing, inspection, certification, and accreditation by providing a high-quality medium for the dissemination of new knowledge and methods. Among IJCA’s targeted audience are conformity assessment scholars, practitioners, and other interested groups and individuals.

'IJCA, The International Journal of Conformity Assessment
<IJCA, The International Journal of Conformity Assessment>

The main contents of the article are as follows.

Manufacturing companies should consider the liabilities for their products because the Product Liability Act is recognized as a global standard and, as such, is an inevitable reality in our industrial world. Accidents, incidents, and failures of products will inevitably occur in the system of mass production mass distribution, and mass consumption.

However, companies should not have to be afraid of incidents developing into lawsuits when distributing products to the market.

The premise of this paper is to share how proactive companies can prepare countermeasures to prevent product liability accidents from happening and/or effectively address any accidents, incidents, or product failures that do occur.

At the management level, the top priority should be to prepare Product Liability Prevention (PLP) and Product Liability Defense (PLD) systems. Implementing an effective quality management can be a good control method to prevent and defend against product liabilities.

With effective prevention and defense systems in place for product liability matters, manufacturing organizations stand a better chance of being successful and long-lasting in the global marketplace.

For more information, please refer to pages 51~59 of the attached document.

Thank you.

[ Reference ]

IJCA-The International Journal of Conformity Assessment Volume 0. Issue 1 2022



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