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ISO 30301:2019 Management systems for records


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ISO 30301:2019 Management systems for records

The management systems for records is an international standard that effectively manages the entire lifecycle of documents and records, an organization's information assets. This standard can provide a systematic approach to record generation and management based on organizational goals and strategies, and a variety of institutions and organizations, including non-profit organizations, businesses, and governments, can respond to changes in the external environment by implementing MSR. In addition, those requiring compliance with strong regulations, such as nuclear and telecommunications as well as institutions and companies involved in social responsibility programs can gain benefit greatly through effective implementation about record management.

ISO 30301:2019 Certification Information<ISO 30301:2019 Certification Information>

To obtain ISO 30301 certification, organizations must establish and maintain an information and document management framework that meets ISO 30301 requirements. And, policies, processes, and procedures for information and document management should be prepared and applied to actual tasks.

Achieving ISO 30301 certification proves that your organization's information and document management system meets international standards, making it recognized as a more reliable business partner by external stakeholders such as customers and partners. The ISO 30301 standard is a standard made based on expert knowledge and experience that provides the appropriateness of information and record management methods for internal and external stakeholders and people who need it, regardless of the size and type of organization.

ISO 30301:2019 Requirements<ISO 30301:2019 Requirements>
  • Scope
  • Normative References
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Context of the organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement
The importance and necessity of ISO 30301<The importance and necessity of ISO 30301>
  • •  Contributes preserve the organization's memories and traces in a global and digitized environment.
  • •  Enables companies to leverage the value of information resources as business, commercial, and knowledge assets.
  • •  Improve a business recovery ability in the event of an unexpected disaster.
  • •  Improve business efficiency by ensuring transparency and traceability in decision-making.
  • •  Creating and generating records is essential to managing the activities and processes of any organization and maintaining the system.
  • •  Optimize the management process to eliminate and manage duplicate data.
The effects of ISO 30301<The effects of ISO 30301>
  • •  It can help organizations quickly and effectively manage corporate information.
  • •  Transparent record management demonstrates that governments and corporate meet their legal and ethical obligations.
  • •  It is efficient in saving time and money by preparing for future possible lawsuits, audits, etc.
  • •  Helps enable strategic corporate operations by helping with continuous improvement activities for system operations.
  • •  Reduces information indexing time across organizations and improves security ability for organizational information.
  • •  Establish record consistency and have public confidence in the institution's advanced record management processes and results.



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