Management System Certification:


GIC is a world leader in management system certifications and training across industries and sectors worldwide.  We scrutinize for our clients to minimize risk, improve operation efficiency and maximize the performance of their business. Therefore, our clients can achieve their objective and be successful. 


GIC is also a partner of a globalized management system certification body that is based on confidence and impartiality. We do our best to create value for our customers and stakeholders to become a world-class certification & registration body. 


GIC has built and sustained its reputation as a leader of management system certification and registration body by providing a well-organized team effort and a team of specialists who pledge to the following:


· Comply with legal requirements

· Teamwork and solidarity

· Integrity and fairness in all matters

· Social and environmental responsibility

· Improvement through knowledge and constant learning to reach continuous development as a certification & registration services provider



Production Certification:


We focus on the product certification from the regulatory requirements which are the most stringent of the medical device industry. GIC is a world leader in product certification as a partner of globalized notified bodies. Our quality system audits of medical device manufacturers by NB nominated auditors aim to verify that the manufacturer defined, documented, and implemented their system. These quality systems must demonstrate that the applicable regulatory requirements are included. The technical file review aims to verify the relevance of the technical documentation set up by the manufacturer as their demonstration that the product complies to all applicable Essential Requirements in the Directives (MDD, IVD, AIMDD). After conformity assessment, when the quality system and/or the technical file meet the requirements, the Notified Body can issue the corresponding CE certificates. 


We can identify the technical requirements, product testing and certification schemes for most countries in the world including KFDA, CFDA, Thailand FDA, Taiwan FDA and MHLW.


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