Appeal & Complaint

Appeal & Complaint


Appeals Process

Any person or client can take issue as an appeal against the GIC decision on certification. The appeal against the decision of GIC must be made within 30 days of notification of that decision.


The appeals can be submitted in writing to the GIC Operation Manager,

Rm. 501, Daeryung techno town, 638, Seobusaet-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Quality Liaison Office Tel: +82 6749 0706 / Fax +82 6749 0711




The written appeal should be provided with related evidences in order to verify and investigate the appeal.



The operation department should check the documents for completeness and may ask for additional documentary, if necessary. After checking the appeal  should be forwarded to the manager of operation department. The manager has the right to either disallow the appeal or to organize an Appeal Panel based on the contents of the appeal.Picture2.jpg





An appeal against adverse certification or recertification decisions or cancellation of certification should be treated in writing form. The written appeal will be reviewed, investigated and resolved in a timely manner through a formal documented process. Appeals can be processed on the following decisions:


a. Refusal to grant initial certification
b. Refusal to grant continual certification
c. Refusal to grant upgrade certification
d. Reduction in certification grade


If the appeal is accepted, manager of operation department will organize an Appeals Panel. The Head of the Appeals Panel may ask the appellant to present, if necessary.


The Appeals Panel gives its recommendation to the manager of operation department for necessary action to discharge the appeal to the satisfaction of the appellant. The Appeals Panel also recommends preventive action, if any, to avoid such recurrences. The manager of operation department will give the decision on the appeal based on the recommendation by the appeals panel. The decision of the Director Operations in this regard will be final.


The above process will be completed within 45 days from the date of admission to the appeal.


If not satisfied with the decision of the manager of operation department, appellant can file an appeal to the President of GIC through manager of operation department. The President will form an Appeals Panel consisting of three members, that will go into the situation of the case and the procedure follows to address the appeal.


The Appeals Panel will make recommendation to the President. The President will give the decision based on the recommendation by the appeals panel. The decision of the President in this regard will be final. The above process will be completed within 45 days of referring the appeal to the President. The President shall be acting on the advice of any appropriate specialist he or she may deem to be necessary.


All the costs associated with personal attendance of the appellant before the Appeals Panel shall be borne by the appellant. If during the discharge of appeal or as a consequence of the decision of the appeal, reassessment or verification is required, the costs shall be borne by the appellant.


If appellant is not satisfied with the decision of the President of GIC, the appellant can file appeal to the Accreditation Body. However, this shall be resorted only after all the avenues of resolving the matter by filing appeal with GIC have been exhausted. In such a case, the Accreditation Body’s appeals process shall be followed and the costs of appeal shall be borne by the appellant unless the appeal is successful.


The decision of the relevant Accreditation Body shall be final and binding on both parties, i.e., the appellant and GIC. Operation department maintains the track of the appeals, including action taken to resolve them. Records of the same shall be maintained. The jurisdiction of courts in case of disputes will be Seoul, Korea because operation office of GIC locates in Seoul, Korea.



Complaint Process

Complaints are handled by Operation department. Operation department has the overall responsibility for receiving, verifying and investigating complaints and also for deciding what actions are to be taken in response to them.


A written and/or verbal, external as well as internal complaints can be received by any employee/staff of GIC.


The complaint received shall be forwarded to Operation Department Manager, who will immediately enter it into the complaints register being maintained at GIC. Additional information may be requested from the complainant, if necessary.


The complaint shall be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt by telephone or by sending an interim reply or mail to the complainant. Wherever possible, formal notice shall be given to the complainant about the end of the complaint handling process.


Operation Department Manager will forward the complaint to the concerned official of GIC for disposition, who will take necessary corrective and preventive action to close the complaint, without any undue delay.


Closure of complaint shall be communicated to the complainant. GIC procedure of complaint handling shall be subject to requirements for confidentiality, as it relates to the complainant and to the subject of the complaint.